OIE: $2 mln from Canada for animal health activities

01-03-2010 | |

Canada Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced on a visit to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) that Canada will contribute CAN$2 mln to support OIE activities.

“The positive impact of animal health policies on fair and safe trade but also on poverty reduction and public health is in itself ample justification for financing and maintaining animal health strategies and specific programs worldwide, Dr. Bernard Vallat, OIE DG said.

“Canada supports fair and safe international trade and we are in Paris to reaffirm our commitment to maximise global trade opportunities using science based standards adopted by all OIE Members,” said Ritz. “Our government is pleased to make this additional contribution to support the vital work of the OIE as part of our continued efforts to promote fair international trade for Canadian animals and animal products and for producers worldwide.”

Dr. Vallat, Ritz and Dr. Brian Evans, Canada’s Delegate to the OIE, discussed the importance of science-based standards for the safe international movement of animals and their products and the role the OIE plays in the context of global trade, public heath and poverty alleviation.

Priorities of shared interest will be evaluated on an annual basis to direct the funds for maximum benefit and impact, including support to OIE headquarters and OIE regional activities through regional seminars for the capacity building of key national policy makers.

Source: OIE

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist