Olmix seminar on new technologies

14-10-2010 | |

Olmix, manufacturer of e.g. sanitiser Mistral and trace elements, celebrated its fifteenth anniversary on September 12th – 13th in Brittany, France, with a seminar on the second day.

The seminar’s topic was ‘The new technologies to feed 9 billion humans in 2050’, was held at Zoopole of Ploufagran, a research center in Brittany. It attracted more than 200 attendees from four continents – of which 45 from Asia.

Several speakers gave their views and opinions on the challenge of feeding the planet in 2050. Speakers included the company’s chairman Hervé Balusson, Alain Glon, president of Glon Group, Dr François Madec, National Agency of Sanitary Security, Prof Arlette Laval, Veterinary School of Nantes, Marc Le Fur, vice president of the France National Assembly and other internationally based contributors.

Conclusions emerging from the seminar included acknowledging that the world needs optimising the planet in order to get more profit – more wheat for more people. In addition, it was concluded that consumption needs assessing, to reduce the world’s carbon footprint, by means of improvement in telecommunications, less transport, less pollution, etc.

Another interesting topic related to the question what role aquaculture products can play to feed the new population of the world. In this respect, Ulva lactuca and other seaweeds were mentioned, potentially offering new food potential.

Since its foundation in 1995, the company grew out Olmix has grown into a group with 200 employees and seven plants in Europe.

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