Omega-3 eggs under a watchful eye

28-06-2007 | |
Omega-3 eggs under a watchful eye

Eggs containing cholesterol-fighting omega-3 acids are now under scrutiny.

Most people around the world who purchase eggs believe, or assume, that eggs enriched with omega-3 fatty acids provide more health benefits to an individual than normal regular eggs. However, the question being asked is “Are the health benefits really worth the extra costs?”
Experts agree that omega-3 found in fish and some plants are “good” fatty acids. They have proven to be very beneficial and help to prevent heart disease.
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), however, says that consumers are being hoodwinked when it comes to omega-3 eggs.
“These egg producers, egged on by their trade association, is brazenly putting omega-3 claims in big print on the front of the labels, knowing that that is a buzzword that will attract people,” says Michael Jacobson of the CSPI.
The organisation recently called on the FDA to enforce its own regulations and stop the egg industry from using what it calls misleading labels and advertising.
The FDA is aware of the complaint by the Center and says it is looking into it.
Source: CBS News
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