On-line poultry farm tours

19-09-2007 | |

There has been an interesting addition to the www.farmissues.com website, with the addition of four new virtual tours of egg, chicken, turkey and ostrich farms.

Poultry farmers in Canada are eager to have people learn more about their farms, but, at the same time, they need to protect their birds’ health with restrictions that prevent visitors from touring their barns.
Now, people visiting the site can tour the barns and fields of each farm to get a good view of what’s happening.
The tours focus on topics that are key to poultry farmers – caring for birds, feed and water, “biosecurity” programs, food safety initiatives and more. Video clips introduce viewers to the farm families and capture many unique aspects of farm life, including ostrich eggs hatching.
The project, coordinated by the Ontario Farm Animal Council (OFAC), is designed to open barn doors for people who might never otherwise have the chance to visit a real farm.
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