Online poultry science course attracts industry high fliers

07-10-2010 | |

In the UK a poultry science postgraduate qualification is successfully meeting the needs of the UK poultry industry while also attracting students from as far afield as Thailand and Zambia.

Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) established the Poultry Science MSc in the 1980s but has recently adapted the course’s content and format in consultation with the poultry industry, including the British Poultry Council (BPC).  The course is now available part-time and online, enabling UK students to fit study commitments around the demands of their careers and offering access to international applicants.

Course participants come from a wide range of backgrounds and include nutritionists, breeders, vets and other poultry sector workers who wish to develop their career and businesses.  Many students come to the course with a high level of experience in the poultry industry but seeking to upgrade their skills, including managers from companies such as Aviagen, Cherry Valley, Bernard Matthews, PD Hook and Crown Chickens.

BPC is very supportive of the course. Richard Griffiths, Senior Executive Officer, said: “The British Poultry Council is keen to develop stronger links between the poultry industry and the education sector and we are delighted to see new students on this high quality poultry course. The poultry industry is a successful and growing sector of the agricultural economy and there is always a need for well qualified people who are keen to build a career.”

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