Opening of the Chinese poultry market for Brazil

12-05-2009 | |

President Lula of Brazil recently made a visit to China, which may result in finally opening the doors of the Chinese market to Brazilian chicken meat and pork and signalise the beginning of a stronger presence of the Chinese Development Bank in Brazil.

Even though Chinese authorities have been expressing their interest in a closer partnership with Brazil over the last few months, the mutual disappointment with the poor practical results of a commercial partnership between the 2 giants is still evident.

One of the most responsible for the poor results is the difficulties with Embraer, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, to sign new sales contracts with Chinese companies. This has reportedly made the Chinese reluctant to step into new ventures with Brazil, thereby affacting the poultry and pork deals that are now being postponed.

It has been reported that Brazilian government officials and industrial leaders expect that president Lula may finally convince the Chinese authorities to open the local market for Brazilian chicken meat and pork.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist