Optimal minimum ventilation with the new Multifan Casing Fan 92

25-02-2010 | |

Minimum ventilation for poultry is important in cold and warm climates and defines the minimum amount of air exchange required to maintain the environment in the poultry house.

 The benefits of a correctly operated minimum ventilation system include:

  • Provision of oxygen to meet the birds demands
  • Remove abundant amounts of CO2, CO, NH3 and dust
  • The allowance for control of relative humidity
  • The maintenance of good litter conditions
Specifically for tunnel ventilation for poultry Vostermans Ventilation developed the Multifan 130, a fan known for his high air volume (45.600 m3/h) and efficiency (36,9 W/1.000m3/h). To support the minimum ventilation in the poultry houses, Vostermans Ventilation introduces the Multifan Casing Fan 92, which is characterized by a compact design and which is delivered as a complete unit, easy to install.
The direct driven, on/off fan is more efficient and needs less maintenance compared to belt driven fans. The fan is supplied with a new type of shutter which reduces air and light entrance from outside. The Multifan Casing Fan 92 consists of a solid construction and is warranted for 3 years.

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