Ordinary Mexican hen lays green eggs

01-02-2008 | |
Ordinary Mexican hen lays green eggs

An ordinary-looking hen with brown feathers has cause quite a stir in Cuautitlan, a small village north of Mexico City, because every day she lays an egg with a green shell!

According to the hen’s owner, Elvira Romero, who is a housewife who got the hen as part of a government aid package to help villagers, the hen looks just like any other in the yard, however, the owner says that since 5 December she has been laying green eggs.
So far, there is no explanation for the colour of the eggs, even though the chicken is fed exactly the same as the others – corn, tortillas and chicken feed. “Well, my children say ‘Oh Mummy, God looks favourably on you so that you were given as a prize a chicken that lays green eggs’,” said Romero with a smile.
Scientists believe that shell colour – which does not affect the colour or flavour of the yolk or white – is determined by the genes, and say blue or green shells are frequently found in the Araucana chicken strain.