Orego-Stim® promoted at SAPA in South Africa

18-08-2009 | |

Trade Vet exhibited at SAPA in April to continue with the promotion of Orego-Stim® Liquid, the 100% natural liquid additive for use through the drinking water, by Meriden Animal Health.

Orego-Stim® can be used in the feed or water, benefiting both broiler and layer productions by maintaining a healthy immune system, maximising intestinal health, reducing mortality, improve growth rates and FCR, increase egg production, and reduce the number of inferior eggs, says Meriden Animal Health.

According to William Stewart, Regional Sales Manager of Meriden Animal Health Limited (UK), since the launch of Orego-Stim® in November 2008, interest has been growing at a steady rate. “It’s always great to get the chance to meet Orego-Stim® end users, and especially to hear such positive feedback in a new market,” he said.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist