Oscar Mayer: new deli meats

14-08-2008 | |

Oscar Mayer has introduced a variety of new deli meat offerings.

The Madison, Wisconsin, USA based Kraft Foods brand announced this week that Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Singles are two-packs of shaved meats individually wrapped by serving.
New Deli offerings
The new meat offerings come in honey oven roasted turkey, smoked turkey, home-style roasted ham, honey smoked ham and oven roasted chicken varieties for a suggested retail price of US $2.49.
Thicker slices
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Thick Carved meats offer thicker slices of oven roasted turkey, Virginia brand ham or rotisserie chicken packaged in resealable containers. Suggested retail price – US $3.99.
Shaved packs
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Family Size packs are available in eight servings of oven roasted turkey or smoked ham in a resealable package. Suggested retail price – US $5.99.

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