Pakistan poultry industry faces more struggles

06-07-2007 | |

Almost 1,100 poultry farms are on the verge of closure in Karachi, Pakistan.

The Sindh Board of Revenue and its Land Utilisation Department appear reluctant to extend the poultry farm leases for another 30 years.
“We are already bearing the brunt of 1.8 million birds that perished in the recent rains and the hot spell. If our land leases are not renewed, it will be another setback to the industry,” said Central Convener of the Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA), Maroof Siddiqui.
The present lease agreement is nearing the end of its term and poultry farmers are desperate to convince the department to renew their leases so that they continue doing business and making a living. If the leases are not extended, thousands of workers in the industry would be rendered jobless and huge investments made by the farmers would come to nothing.
According to Siddiqui, around 1.8 million square feet area covered by sheds have been completely destroyed in the recent heavy rains and total losses to the industry were amounted to be Rs 670 million (US$11 million).
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