Pakistan poultry prices start declining

13-09-2007 | |
Pakistan poultry prices start declining

The retail price of live broilers has started to decline. This follows all-time high prices of Rs 110 (€1.30) per kg at retail level.

The price of broilers has declined by Rs 20 (€0.24) per kg, and now stands at Rs 89 per kg (€0.06).
The inflated rates over the past two weeks caused a sharp decline in the domestic consumer demand for chicken related products (fell approx. 25%). The impact, however, was marginal and at a commercial level.
Citing reasons for the decline in the price of poultry products, Maroof Siddiqui, Chief Convener, Pakistan Poultry Association, termed it owing to marked reduction in sale of chicken meat from thousands of retail outlets in Karachi.
“The declining purchasing power of an overwhelming number of poultry customers helped to bring it down,” said Siddiqui.
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