Pakistan poultry sector demands incentives

31-07-2007 | |
Pakistan poultry sector demands incentives

The Pakistan poultry sector has asked the government to provide incentives to small farmers for the import of environmentally controlled housing for broilers and layers, which cover about 75% of the sector.

Soft loans and the provision of land on easy lease instalments would bring significant changes to the industry in the country, as well as open doors to export.
Pakistan Poultry Association’s Abdul Maroof Siddiqui said the demand for the incentives was in the line of poultry development policy of the Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz.
“Like government’s incentives to a multi-billion Thai investment CP Group in setting up breeder farms and feed mills in Punjab, if similar facilities are provided to the small farmers in the country, it would enable the country to overcome the shortage of meat, as this sector’s contribution in meat production is 22%.” He also added that this would provide job opportunities to the breeders besides controlling increase in prices of meat.
He said this would also create an integrated production and processing system including value addition in the poultry sector, adding that the sector would grow from the present 12% to 20% annually by using modern technologies.

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