Pancosma at European Sym on Poultry Nutrition

07-08-2009 | |

Animal nutrition company Pancosma offers 9 scientific contributions to the 17th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN). The event takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 23-27 August 2009.

One of the contributions is the capability of a 3-component plant extract supplement to raise the effective energy content of broiler diets by 50kcal/kg feed (0.21MJ/kg).

In a starter diet costing €300/tonne, a 50kcal/kg energy uplift derived from the company’s Xtract 6930 supplement is worth €4.90/t based on European feed costs, calculates Dr Armin Vikari from Pancosma.

Other topics among the company’s ESPN contribution include the effects of mushroom and milk thistle extracts in broilers with necrotic enteritis; the impact of plant and mushroom extracts on coccidiosis-challenged chickens; and the use of micro-encapsulation technology to improve the stability of plant extract supplements during pelleting and storage of feeds and pre-mixes.

In addition to being a contributor of poster and oral presentations, Pancosma is also a silver sponsor of the symposium.

Source: Pancosma

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist