Pas Reform’s foothold in Brazil

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Pas Reform’s foothold in Brazil

Hatchery specialist Pas Reform opened their new facility in Rio Claro, Brazil, in 2009. Through a joint venture with Jose Antonio Fracasso they expect to obtain a substantial share of the domestic market. The new GGP hatchery of Cobb-Vantress will be the first to be supplied by Pas Reform do Brasil.

By Ad Bal

Over the past decades, Brazil has become a major poultry producing country, accounting for about 10% of the world’s production. Pas Reform has not played a major role on the Brazilian market thus far due, to a large extent, to one local supplier who dominated the market. Moreover, import duties are very high, thus making it unattractive for foreign companies to become active in this country.

“We realised that we needed to have a stronger presence in Brazil,” says Pas Reform’s Director of international sales & business development Bouke Hamminga. “We offer good products as well as a high level of knowledge on incubation, and this is well received around the globe, but we needed to become more active on this market. We recently came to an agreement with Cobb-Vantress to supply their new GGP hatchery in Brazil, which underlined the necessity of having a stronger presence in the local market. This new hatchery will include 15 SmartSet setters and 6 SmartHatch hatchers, with the complete retrofit of pressure and humidity control systems in the hatcher rooms.”

According to Thomas Calil, MD of Pas Reform do Brasil, this adoption of modular single-stage technology is an important, evolutionary step in Brazil, which is in line with a strong move from multi-stage to single-stage incubation in other countries in Latin America.

Finding a local partner

“The best way of creating presence on the Brazilian market was to join forces with a local partner,” Hamminga says. “We found Jose Antonio Fracasso to be a suitable partner. Together we founded Pas Reform do Brasil, for which we created a facility in Rio Claro in the State of São Paulo. Almost everything is sourced by local suppliers, completely complying with the quality standards that a re enforced for products sent from our Dutch manufacturing base. The setter and hatcher consoles, as well as the operational unit, continue to be supplied from the Netherlands. The remaining parts will be made locally,” says Hamminga.

The new facility

“Our Brazilian facility will have warehousing, assembly, spare part stock keeping and delivery. Pas Reform do Brasil will operate with its own commercial and technical staff based in Brazil. Last but not least, we have a fully operational showroom with running SmartSet setter, SmartHatch hatcher and SmartCenter hatchery information system for demonstration purposes,” Hamminga says, adding that the focus of this new venture is the Brazilian market, but of course there are now opportunities for the company to support customers in Latin America when necessary. “We have full confidence that the set-up we have chosen will enable Pas Reform do Brasil to become a serious supplier of incubation equipment in Brazil in the years to come,” concludes Hamminga.

World Poultry Vol. 25 No. 6, 2009

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist