Pasteurized eggs’ sales see sharp increase

21-05-2008 | |

National Pasteurized Eggs – announced that despite the sky rocketing cost of raw eggs, sales increased by 43% in the past year.

This is reportedly a result of more and more food service entities committing to the exclusive use of pasteurized shell and liquid eggs.
NPE pasteurized approx. 25 mln eggs in approx. 2 months, which is an increase of 43% over the same time period in 2007.
“More than ever, restaurants, hotels and foodservice chains are recognising that the safety aspect, combined with operational efficiencies and great taste are making pasteurized shell eggs a smart business decision,” said Greg West, president of NPE. “Use of pasteurized shell eggs allows foodservice operators to safely use eggs in recipes, in cooking techniques and to serve eggs any style to meet diner’s requests without the risk of salmonella poisoning.”
According to the company, pasteurization reduces the risk of salmonella contamination before the food enters the facility and it is recommended by US Food Codes.
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