People: Jos Ramekers new president Dutch Poultry Centre

13-01-2012 | |
People: Jos Ramekers new president Dutch Poultry Centre

Since the first of January this year, Jos Ramekers is the new president of Dutch Poultry Centre (DPC). He took over this role from Jacco Wagelaar, who had been in this position from the moment DPC was founded in 2003.

Jos Ramekers is well known in the international poultry industry. He has served in various positions in the Dutch agribusiness. Amongst these, he was president of Nepluvi, the association of Dutch poultry processing industries. Lastly, Ramekers served as president of the Dutch product boards for livestock, meat and eggs.

Ramekers’ objective is to further strengthen and promote the initiatives of DPC around the world. DPC consists of around 70 companies and organisations who are founded in, or originate from the Netherlands and who are specialised suppliers to the global poultry business. Their common objective is to underline the innovative force, the strength and knowledge of the Dutch poultry industry and support each other when possible.

The idea for the foundation of DPC was born in 2003 in the Netherlands, just after the Dutch poultry business had been hit by a severe bird flu outbreak. This made clear that the industry is very vulnerable in such a situation. Then the decision was taken to join forces and this resulted in the creation of DPC. The members all have their own responsibilities, but they also have common objectives. The aim of its new president Jos Ramekers is to further assist the members in being active around the world, both in existing markets, but also in exploring new market.

Jacco Wagelaar will focus on his own original role again,   being the CEO of Twinpack.

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