PEOPLE: Nutreco welcomes Viggo Halseth to executive board

24-07-2012 | |
PEOPLE: Nutreco welcomes Viggo Halseth to executive board

Nutreco’s Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders has approved the proposal to appoint Viggo Halseth as member of Nutreco’s executive board.


Viggo Halseth will be appointed as Chief Operating Officer of the Aquaculture division and in that position he will succeed Knut Nesse who is appointed Nutreco CEO starting 1 August. The appointment of Viggo Halseth is for a period of four years, effective 1 August 2012 and terminating on 1 August 2016.

Viggo Halseth, 1958, Norwegian, is educated in animal husbandry (University of Agriculture, Norway) and in business management (Norwegian Business School). He has worked for Skretting since 1984 and has served the company in a broad range of national and international managerial roles. He started his career with technical positions in sales, marketing, research and development. Since 1999 he fulfilled several general management positions. In 2007 he was appointed Managing Director of Skretting business group Trout and Marine. From 2009 onwards he holds the position Managing Director of Skretting Northern Europe and Australia.

Viggo Halseth has fulfilled an important role in the success of Nutreco’s Aquaculture division.

After his appointment, as from 1 August 2012 the Nutreco Executive Board will consist of Knut Nesse (CEO), Gosse Boon (CFO), Jerry Vergeer (COO Animal Nutrition) and Viggo Halseth (COO Aquaculture).

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