People: Yongjiu Jerry Cai joins Diamond V China as CTO

27-09-2011 | |
People: Yongjiu Jerry Cai joins Diamond V China as CTO

Diamond V, a global supplier of nutritional fermentation products, has hired Dr. Yongjiu Jerry Cai as Chief Technical Officer of Diamond V China.

As CTO-China, Dr. Cai is appointed to lead DV China’s technical services with a focus on swine, poultry and aquaculture marketing efforts. Dr. Cai reports to Michael Goble, Vice-President of Diamond V, and is also called upon to perform other services in the assistance of the Executive Officers of the Company as determined.

Prior to joining Diamond V, Dr. Cai served as a Director of Animal Nutrition – Asia at ADM Specialty Feed Ingredients Division where he directed technical service supports to ADM specialty feed products sales, ADM Alliance Nutrition premix business conduction and ADM-JV feed products marketing in China as well as Asia. 

Dr. Cai earned his Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition from Iowa State University, and then received his post-doc research training in animal nutrition and feeds from the University of Georgia. 

Source: Diamond V