Pfizer aims to be number one in poultry

10-11-2011 | |
Pfizer aims to be number one in poultry

Pfizer Animal Health Global Poultry is determined to continue its expansion and become the leading provider of poultry health solutions worldwide, says Vice President Dr Paco Ortiz.

“We have expanded our business considerably in the past years and can now offer more customer service, more technology and more expertise than ever before,” he said.“Our aim is to use this considerable resource to create and deliver revenue-generating services for our customers.”
According to Paco Ortiz, Pfizer Global Poultry is currently the second largest provider of poultry health solutions, accounting for around 21% of the global market. A series of strategic acquisitions over recent years has given the company a solid and diverse portfolio of products including biologicals, MFAs (medicated feed additives), diagnostics and BioDevices. However, Dr Ortiz pointed out that the size of the company was not the ultimate measure of success.
“We don’t just want to be the biggest: more important to us, is to be the most valued. We want to add value to our customers’ businesses, so they see us as an indispensible partner.”
“Both poultry meat and egg production is predicted to increase globally over the next five years, with much of the increase being driven by growing markets in the Asia Pacific region,” said Dr Ortiz. “This increase in production means that quality health solutions will be needed more than ever to protect against disease and to improve production efficiency and flock performance.”
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