Pfizer improves anticoccidial agent for broilers

03-08-2012 | |
Pfizer improves anticoccidial agent for broilers

Animal Health company Pfizer has launched an improved version its anticoccidial agent Cygro 10G to give broiler and turkey producers more effective control against the disease coccidiosis.

Improvements – achieved by changing the production process – include a shorter withdrawal period and easier application.

Instead Pfizer is using a mineral carrier rather than corn cob and the anticoccidial agent is being mixed with the carrier instead of being sprayed. Subsequently the withdrawal period has been reduced from five to three days, increasing its flexibility.

Product manager Tony Grainger said: “Moving away from a corn cob carrier eliminates any concerns about contamination with GMOs, insects or rodents, and achieves more even mixing. “The higher concentration provides enhanced activity against coccidia, with the shorter withdrawal time adding to flexibility of use.”