Pfizer restructuring, 6,000 jobs lost

19-05-2010 | |
Pfizer restructuring, 6,000 jobs lost

Pfizer Global Manufacturing has announced plans to reconfigure its worldwide plant network to create a fully aligned manufacturing and supply organization from the combined networks of Pfizer and Wyeth.

This implementation of the first phase of Pfizer’s previously announced Plant Network Strategy includes recommendations to cease operations at eight manufacturing sites in Ireland, Puerto Rico, and the US by the end of 2015, as well as to reduce operations at 6 other plants in Germany, Ireland, Puerto Rico, the UK, and the US.

The planned reductions will increase manufacturing efficiency and lower costs by more effectively using resources and technology, improving plant processes, eliminating excess capacity, and better aligning production with market demand. These changes will result in a global reduction of approx. 6,000 jobs over the next several years. Product transfers will expand the roles of a number of plants in Pfizer’s manufacturing network.

 “The restructuring of our global plant network is critical to our efforts to remain competitive so that we can continue to meet patient needs and expand the access and affordability of our medicines,” said Pfizer Global Manufacturing President Nat Ricciardi, adding that the announcement is “very difficult to make because of its impact on our colleagues”.

“We have a tremendous global workforce and some of the best manufacturing facilities in the industry. But we must continue to adjust to the fast-changing and extremely competitive environment in which we operate. That means realigning our network and reducing our manufacturing capacity so that we can position Pfizer for the next phase of growth across biopharmaceuticals and our diversified business portfolio.”

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist