Philippines expanding poultry exports

22-05-2007 | |
Philippines expanding poultry exports

The Philippines government is expecting higher gains from the poultry industry in 2007, with negotiations now underway for chicken exports to the European Union, Middle East, China and other Southeast Asian economies.

Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap said plans are underway to implement rules and regulations for the protocols on imports and exports of heat-processed poultry meat to and from China.
Assistance is also been given to local exporters in completing the requirements needed for entry of Philippine chicken to the European Union, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East.
Currently, the Philippines poultry exports include breeder day-old chicks to Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia and Nepal. Processed chicken is also exported to Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Dubai, Korea, Iran and the Mauritius. Fresh chicken is exported to the United Arab Emirates and Japan.
Yap predits a growth in poultry production of 2.66% in 2007, to 1.238 million mt, compared with 1.206 million mt produced in 2006.
The gross value of the poultry industry, which contributes 9.26% to the total value of agriculture, was P81.96 billion in 2006 – an increase of 2.85% over 2005.
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