Pigeons smuggle cell phones to prisoners

06-04-2009 | |

Inmates have now discovered an innovative way to smuggle in cell phones into a prison farm in Brazil: carrier pigeons.

Guards at the Danilio Pinheiro prison near the southeastern city of Sorocaba, Brazil, recently noticed a pigeon resting on an electric wire with a small cloth bag tied to one of its legs. “The guards nabbed the bird after luring it down with some food and discovered components of a small cell phone inside the bag,” police investigator Celso Soramiglio said.

Google News reports that a day later, another pigeon was spotted dragging a similar bag inside the prison’s exercise yard. Inside the bag was the cell phone’s charger. The birds were apparently bred and raised inside the prison, smuggled out, outfitted with the cell phone parts and then released to fly back.

“Pigeons instinctively fly back home, always,” the investigator said, adding that the police have not yet discovered who raised the pigeons nor the name of the inmate who was going to receive the cell phone, but that he hoped the telephone carrier would provide the information.

Source: Associated Press

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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