Pilgrim’s Pride poultry growers squeezed

25-09-2007 | |

Many poultry growers are pushing for an increase in the amount they are paid from poultry giant Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.

Most of the poultry growers are independent; however, many still rely on contracts from Pilgrim’s Pride, which processes more than 7 million pounds of poultry each week at its Union Parish, La., plant, according to the Associated Press.
The poultry growers have said that a a 0.2-cent per pound increase for broilers means nearly $2,000 extra for each typical shipment of 160,000, 6-pound chickens to Pilgrim’s every seven weeks.
Thomas Wade, a Union Parish grower says that the word is out that they’ve got a raise, but adds that he has heard nothing official. “We’re really feeling a squeeze,” he says.
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