Plans of feeding broiler chickens

27-02-2012 | |

Until recent years, planning broiler feeding appeared an easy task to implement. However, there are about ten feeding programs around today.


‘In-ovo feeding’, ‘hatchery or early feeding’, ‘pre-starter diet’, ‘three fixed NRC phases’ ‘multi-phased feeding’, ‘feeding time period’, ‘sequential feeding’, ‘choice feeding’, ‘restriction feeding’, ‘nutrient (mineral and vitamins) withdrawal’, ‘replacer finisher feed’ (withdrawal supplement feed) and/or pre slaughter feed (removal) and ‘enrichment feed’ are the main feeding programs that attract many involved in the poultry industry.

With so many different feeding programs, an effective feeding plan might seem a complicated issue and difficult to conduct. The effectiveness and shortcomings of such programs are discussed so that a broiler feeding plan can be chosen more effectively.

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