Poultry culling continues

09-08-2007 | |

Avian Influenza has caused the culling of poultry in Manipur, India to continue.

In the efforts to stop the spread of the deadly disease, Th Dorendra, director of the State Veterinary Department, said that 3,31,606 birds were culled thus far, 28,107 eggs and about 25,242 kg feed destroyed. He added that surveillance within a radius of 5-10 km from Chingmeirong  (where the flu was initially detected) is in place.
Leader of Bharat Krishak Samaj, Krishan Bir Choudhary said, “Indigenous birds reared by farmers are being culled, placing village folks at heavy losses. Avian flu virus must have come from Myanmar or Bangladesh, which needs to be investigated. Exotic birds are more efficient carriers of the virus and ultimately the indigenous birds become the victims.”
The government fixed a compensation for the poultry, which is at a rate of Rs 10 (€0.18) per chick, Rs 40 (€0.72) for layers and Rs 30 (€0.54) for broilers. There have been no reports of the virus being transferred to humans.