Poultry diseases featured in new World Poultry magazine

14-09-2015 | |
Poultry diseases featured in new World Poultry magazine

Diseases are a major concern for global poultry production. The latest edition of World Poultry includes articles on two major diseases inherent within the sector; avian influenza and necrotic enteritis.

That necrotic enteritis is a costly disease is no surprise to anyone, yet still it is underestimated. The article ‘The true cost of necrotic enteritis’ explores the billions of dollars which are lost annually not only through flock mortality but also the result of birds surviving subclinical NE.

On the same topic, a further article including supporting data examines the effect of combining probiotics and in-feed antibiotics to create better synergy in the fight against necrotic enteritis.


The impact of HPAI on US poultry flocks this year has been enormous. Simon Shane in his article ‘Lessons learned from the recent US HPAI epornitic’ examines the devastation AI had in terms of economic impact and the shortcomings in procedures which led to compromised biosecurity practices.

In terms of processing, camplyobacter takes the focus, in particular relation to infection rates across Europe. Also Vascular fragility, carcass lesions and downgrades are explored.


Nutrition also features heavily with an account of a new trial involving the supplementary feeding of live insects in the Netherlands. Furthermore the motivation for using proteases in broiler diets is also explored.

Furthermore, World Poultry interviewed Jeff Cannon, CEO of Diamond V about the measures the company is taking to ensure safe and sufficient food availability.

All of this is now available to read online. Get access to the digital issue of World Poultry here.

Rosie Burgin Editor Special Projects