Poultry farmers demand promised maize supply

27-06-2006 | |

Poultry farmers in India have urged government officials to take steps to urgently supply 500,000 tonnes of maize, allotted by the Agriculture Ministry several months ago.

Tamil Nadu Egg Coordination Committee president Nallathampi says that farmers have not yet received the maize, to be supplied as feed for poultry at Rs 3.50 per kilo, as promised by Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar.

The farmers were now buying maize from the open market at Rs 6.50 per kg, Nallathampi said.

He said the farmers were going through harsh times as eight among them had committed suicide in the Namakkal district in the past few months.

However, the industry is believed to be slowly recovering, with more than 20 million eggs sold daily and 1 million exported to the Middle East.

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