Poultry farmers face losses due to windstorm

28-06-2007 | |

The poultry industry in Sindh, Pakistan, has suffered massive financial losses due to recent winds and widespread rains. This may result in prices of poultry products reaching unprecedented levels for consumers.

Millions of birds died, or were injured, when roofs of poultry houses collapsed onto them. This also resulted in many poultry houses and sheds left ruined or badly destructed.
Based on initial estimates, financial losses of traders run into the millions as poultry farms all over the province have reported losses of both birds and physical infrastructure. The true picture of the losses that have accrued to the poultry industry would emerge within the coming few days.
Abdul Maroof Siddiqui, central convener of the Pakistan Poultry Association, said there may be a massive shortage of poultry meat in Karachi and other parts of the province and due to this the price of poultry products may double.
He said large scale devastation of poultry farms has already pushed price of eggs up to Rs 1020 ($16.8) from Rs 900 ($14.8) for a carton of 30 dozen eggs, an increase of 13%.
Sindh currently contributes 25% of the country’s production.