Poultry farms established to reduce poverty

15-08-2007 | |
Poultry farms established to reduce poverty

The Livestock Department of Narsingdi in Bangladesh has been playing a major role in developing the sector and reducing poverty in the region, through the establishment of poultry and other livestock farms in the district.

Throughout the recent financial year, a total of 230 poultry farms have been established, as well as 110 dairy farms, 90 goat farms and 31 sheep farms.
The Department also vaccinated over 7 million poultry birds in the area.
Through this initiative the Department earned Taka 912,972 (€9,974) as revenue selling vaccines of cattle and poultry birds.
Additionally, the Department has provided training to more than 7,900 unemployed people for setting up of small and family-level poultry farms.