Poultry farms upset Murree residents in Pakistan

04-09-2007 | |

Poultry farms are appearing in areas where they were once banned in Pakistan, threatening the environment, upsetting residents and turning visitors away.

Poultry farm businesses that have sprung up on Murree Road from Tret to Ghora Gali, and are apparently creating havoc.
Poultry farmers are apparently dumping garbage and poultry refuse on the road side filling the air with foul smells. This refuse is then set on fire at night spreading the stink all around the valleys of the Galiyat.
It is been argued that Murree is already facing a serious threat to its environment from highrise buildings, over population and unchecked commercial activities.
The construction of poultry farms was banned within one kilometre of the Murree road during the previous government. But since then, new poultry farms have apparently been coming up right on the main road without any check.
A huge project of poultry farms has been constructed at Arwari Peeran just on the Islamabad- Murree dual carriageway, which is claimed to be the largest in Asia.