Poultry Focus Asia, March 2010

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Poultry Focus Asia, March 2010

Poultry Focus Asia is part of Pig, Poultry & Dairy Focus Asia 2010, which is an independent technical livestock conference that will take place 1-3 March, 2010, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Following an opening joint session, the event will delve into 3 conferences that individually focus on poultry, pig and dairy production.

The joint opening session has 3 papers that focus on 3 topics of the moment – the benefits that will come from breeding in the next decade; the key role of antioxidants in animal nutrition; and the importance of testing strategies to reduce the adverse effects of mycotoxins in animals.

Poultry Focus Asia 2010 then goes on to address the topics of the moment under the 3 broad headings of Nutrition Management, Breeder Management, and Health Management.

Nutrition Management

In the current economic climate it is appropriate that several papers from experts from Belgium, the UK and Singapore address various ways in which enzymes can ensure that our birds make better use of their feed. There are then papers on mycotoxin control and optimising the gut flora by the use of feed additives/probiotics, as well as papers on the role of trace minerals in broiler breeder nutrition, and a paper in which Jacky Millard from the international breeder, Hubbard, takes an impartial look at how to evaluate feed trials.

Breeder Management

On the breeding front there are several papers that look at different facets of breeder management, such as the management of broiler breeder nests, maximising profit, disease prevention in egg type layer breeders and nutritional strategies for broiler breeders.

Speakers from the international incubation companies Petersime NV, Pas Reform, HatchTech NV, Jamesway and Chick Master will then look at different aspects of incubation management including embryo-response incubation, the importance of chick quality, egg quality and chick quality and new concepts in hatchery ventilation.

Health Management

In the health section international experts from 10 different countries will consider a variety of topics including salmonella control, gut defence mechanisms, necrotic enteritis, coccidiosis immunity, Gumboro disease, ILT and ND control, E. coli vaccination and the benefits that can be derived from in ovo vaccination.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist