Poultry industry faces another huge struggle

20-06-2007 | |

The Pakistan poultry industry is struggling once again, as devastating heat waves, frequent load shedding and power break downs are proving fatal for poultry.

Breeding flocks, commercial broilers and laying birds have suffered unprecedented mortality in recent weeks. Some farms experienced mortality rates as high as 25%. A drop in the production of hatching eggs, table eggs and broiler weight gain has caused huge economic consequences for the industry.
There will be a significant reduction in the supply of poultry in Pakistan throughout the coming months. According to Mir Tahir Zaidi, chairman of the Pakistan Poultry Association, this has and will continue to create a gap in demand and supply.
He said, paradoxically, that the society will blame poultry producers for manipulating poultry prices and will hold them responsible for price hike.
Poultry feed prices have gone up by 22% – the highest ever in one calendar year. These prices are likely to inflate further due to unavailability of broken rice for the first time in history of feed industry in Pakistan.
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