Poultry industry ‘on the verge of collapse’

04-07-2007 | |
Poultry industry ‘on the verge of collapse’

Recent rains have hit the poultry industry in Pakistan badly, causing about Rs 670 million ($11.1 million) losses to poultry farmers across Sindh province.

Pakistan Poultry Association chairman Suhail Chaudhry said that hot weather followed by the recent rains had brought the poultry industry on the verge of collapse. The Poultry Association’s office-bearers demanded the government provide each poultry farmer with Rs 1 million (US$16,500) interest-free loan so that they could rebuild their farms and sustain their businesses.
About 1.2 million broiler birds died in the months of May and June, and on June 23, about two million birds perished. About 32.6 million broilers died during the same period, inflicting about Rs 332 million ($5.5 million) on them.
There are expressed fears that increasing demand due to shortages could create a crisis-like situation in the city, and about 30-35% increase in the prices of the chicken birds are expected to occur due to lack of supply from the poultry farms.
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