Poultry major contributor in Thai farm sector

14-06-2007 | |

The Thai agricultural sector has continued to grow, achieving a high expansion rate of 5.3% in the first quarter of 2007 (January-March).

According to the Office of Agricultural Economics, major crops and poultry products were the main contributors that have driven the high growth of the nation’s farm sector.
The key products’ prices remained high during the period due to a growth in exports and demand on the world market, despite the stronger Thai baht.
The Office expects that the country’s agricultural sector would grow further by 4-5% throughout the rest of 2007.
Its report suggested that the Thai government have developed an efficient logistics network nationwide for swift product distributions to local and international markets with reduced costs to off-set challenges caused by the strengthened Thai currency, and that local producers continue to develop the quality of their farm products.
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