Poultry price stabilisation efforts in Taiwan

21-11-2007 | |

The Taiwanese Council of Agriculture (COA) plans to gather millions to create a quota management system for the poultry industry to stabilise product prices in case of sharp market fluctuation.

Taiwan’s poultry industry has been hit by soaring feed prices, pushing the COA to take measures to offset their losses.
Therefore, the COA, together with the local poultry industry, have agreed that from the beginning of 2008, each side will contribute NT$1 billion each (€21 million) to create a fund within 3 years to tackle imbalances in demand and supply in line with a quota-based management system.
It is reported that local pig, chicken, duck, dairy, sheep and geese farmers ill have to report the number of the animals they raise, as from 2008, and assess their market supply in the coming years. Additionally, the COA will soon submit law amendment proposals to the Legislative Yuan to allow for the establishment of the fund and the quota management system.

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