Poultry producers risk serious fines

16-05-2007 | |

In terms of a new EU legislation surrounding the containment of refrigerant gas, which will come into effect in July, it is estimated that poultry producers are likely to be in breach of the law.

According to energy monitoring and leak detection specialists Parasense, approximately 80% of poultry breeders may be in breach of the law.
Penalties surrounding the legislation are not yet know, however, they are expected to involve substantial fines.
Organisation making use of refrigeration equipment or chillers will need to need to be aware of how much F-Gas their facility contains. This will help to understand the level of impact the ruling will have on their business.
Parasense believes many businesses with equipment containing more than 3kg of refrigerant are either unaware of the legislation, or have not taken the action needed to comply.
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