Poultry project at NA prison

01-10-2007 | |
Poultry project at NA prison

The Food for the Poor (FFP) organization is funding $3 million for establishment of the Prison Poultry Project at the New Amsterdam Prison.

A ceremony was recently held at the prison where the organization handed over a quantity of items including two freezers, two refrigerators, a generator and plastic containers to assist with the venture. The chicken pen, which is currently under construction in the prisons compound, is expected to be completed in a few weeks.
Richard Bryan, Agricultural Coordinator/Superintendent of Prisons thanked FFP and told the media that training would be provided for the inmates to manage the project so that they would be able to handle their own businesses on their release. He said 30 people would be trained on a yearly basis in both the theoretical and practical aspects of poultry rearing.
The inmates will also have the opportunity to learn the economics of each batch to know if the project is viable. The project would start with 1,000 chickens and is expected to see a return of $400,000.
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