Poultry-rearing scheme begins

11-09-2007 | |

‘Poultry Rearing in Your Courtyard,’ has been launched in India. This is a new self-employment scheme offered through a joint effort by the Department of Rural Development and the Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation.

As many as 40,000 women below the poverty line in 50 blocks in the State would benefit from this scheme, which targets production of 30 million eggs and 360 tonnes of chicken meat by forming 10-member self-help groups of women. The project aims at generating an income of Rs 80 million (€1.4 million). Each beneficiary will receive 20 chicks, a poultry cage, and 30 kg poultry fodder for six months, as well as three days of training.
The programme is believed to be an important component of the anti-poverty schemes being implemented through government initiatives in the rural sector.

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