Poultry School en español held successfully

16-02-2012 | |

IICA and the University of Georgia successfully completed the poultry processing workshop Poultry School en español held after the International Poultry Expo (IPE) in Athens and Atlanta, Georgia.

More than 40 participants from the poultry industry from more than 14 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in this practical workshop focused on Value Adding, Quality, Food Safety and Developments in Poultry Processing. 

This is the sixth edition of this event that attracts several of the main poultry processors in the hemisphere and provides a robust agenda composed of training lectures and hands-on activities in topics related to poultry processing and the development of quality products with emphasis in their food safety. The course focuses in providing an update on technological developments, ingredients, regulations and trends that allow processors to compete in global poultry markets.

This practical workshop is highly anticipated by poultry processors and suppliers in the Americas and was coordinated by the specialist from the IICA-PAC, Dr. Marcos X. Sanchez-Plata, and UGA professors, Dra. Karina Martino and Dr. Brian Kiepper.

The main topics covered in this edition included technological and regulatory developments in poultry processing, effects of nutrition on processing, trends in value adding, meat functionality, marination, quality and food safety, water and processing waste use and re-utilization, sensory evaluation and packaging developments for fresh and processed products. 

For the 2013 edition, a larger participation is expected considering that the poultry expo will merge with the meat expo organized by the American Meat Institute (AMI). Pre-registrations and questions are already being considered for the 2013 event, please contact the organisers by email to: poultryschool@live.com