Prevent biofilms in drinking water

23-06-2009 | |

German company Schaumann introduces Schaumades Clean WS, a disinfectant specifically for drinking water, which removes biofilms from pipes and prevents regrowth.

Drinking water, a vital nutrient, must be hygienically clean and should preferably be of potable quality, says the company.

The stabilising hydrogen peroxide is effective against all fungi, viruses, bacteria, legionellae, salmonellae and amoebas.

Air disinfection of animal housing using spray equipment also achieved highly positive results. Schaumades Clean WS degrades ammonia, thereby reducing for example the incidence of respiratory tract infections in poultry, says Schaumann.

Schaumades Clean WS is easy to dose, can be used at all temperatures, has a high residual effect, is approved under the German Drinking and Table Water Ordinance and has a neutral odour and flavour.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist