Prison for animal rights campaigners in Britain

07-03-2007 | |

Three British animal rights campaigners who targeted firms and individuals linked to an animal testing science laboratory were given jail sentences ranging from 15 months to four years.

A judge at the Old Bailey Criminal Court in London found the man and two women, aged between 35 and 48, guilty of waging a campaign of ‘intimidation’ against the company, Huntingdon Life Sciences, near Cambridge.

Mark Taylor, 39, was given the maximum term of four years for targeting firms working with the science laboratory. His wife, Suzanne, 35, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years, and Teresa Portwine, 48, was given 15 months.The judge said their intention was to ‘intimidate and frighten’ ordinary members of staff. All three had previously pleaded guilty to the offence of conspiracy to interfere with a contractual relationship.

Huntingdon laboratory
The court heard that the trio attacked 25 separate targets, including a haulage firm which delivered animal feed to the Huntingdon laboratory. Huntingdon, which carries out cancer and other medical research on animals, works together with major drug firms in Britain, Europe and the US.

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