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Wet litter is one of the largest problems in the poultry industry. Main factors affecting the prevalence of law are litter management and housing of birds, disease control, dietary factors and gut health.

Wet litter solve problems that result in large economical losses, as there are reduced performance and health status, increased management costs like labor and heating costs, farmer dissatisfaction and losses in processing. Provimi has developed a new product called ProDry AF (active fibers), which prevents litter law problems. ProDry AF combines the positive effects of essential oils, additives and active fibers that improve digestibility, and ammonia bind moisture and consequently improve litter quality.

The product
The active fibers in ProDry AF stimulate gizzard development, which results in improved digestion and an antibacterial effect due to lower pH levels. The essential oils resulted in a better gut health and consequently an improved digestion. The moisture and ammonia binding capacity of the components improve the quality of the litter and reduce the incidence of footpad burns.
Proven efficacy
To prove the effectiveness of ProDry AF, a study was performed with Ross 308 male broilers. The study consisted of different treatments: control, active fiber, moisture binding components and a ProDry AF treatment, which is a combination of the two previous treatments. The diets were formulated to trigger law litter problems.
The effects on litter quality and footpad scores are shown in Figures 1 and 2 respectively. These figures show that all components improve litter quality and footpad scores. However, the combination of the different components shows additional improvement compared to the separate components. Therefore Provimi advises ProDry AF.
Figure 1 The effect of dietary treatments on litter quality at day 33 or Ross 308 male broilers