Product: Stienen BE introduces new winch motor version

11-12-2012 | |
Product: Stienen BE introduces new winch motor version

Stienen BE has developed the EGM-250. This winch motor is based on the same tried-and-tested technology as its predecessor.

The winch motors have been specially developed to control air intake systems in intensive livestock buildings. The EGMs are fitted with robust brushless motors with a tractive force of 100 and 250 kg respectively. The integrated microprocessor continuously monitors the maximum torque, thus preventing damage due to overload and guaranteeing a long service life. And for optimum ease of use, the entire EGM series can be easily adjusted without tools.

Stienen supplies the EGM in two versions, the EGM-P and the EGM-CA. The EGM-P has potentiometer feedback, where a potentiometer gives feedback on the motor position. The EGM-CA works with a 0-10 volts signal and uses the connection between the EGM and the end station to feed back the motor position. This enables several information flows through one cable without interfering with each other and thus allows significant cost savings on cabling.

The winch motors can be expanded by a Stienen ESE emergency current module to give maximum certainty. In the event of a power outage or an emergency situation, an ESE module immediately ensures that the EGM motors drive the inlet valves to their required positions. Permanent monitoring of the battery condition ensures that any actions that may be necessary are taken. This guarantees that the primary needs of the animals are always fulfilled.