Promoting biological safety in poultry raising in Vietnam

13-08-2007 | |

“Ensuring biological safety in poultry raising” was the theme of a forum recently held by the National Centre for Agricultural Promotion (NCAP) in northern Hai Duong province.

At the agricultural promotion and technology forum, farmers and farm owners from 13 provinces and cities were provided with know-how to operate a poultry farm in a biologically safe manner.
With the aim of moving the poultry sector from small-scale to concentrated, industrial and semi-industrial production, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development plan, the model of biologically safe fowls breeding needs to be widely expanded and has been listed in the national agricultural promotion programme.
According to NCAP, this model requires not only technical measures, but also management expertise in processing and selling poultry products. It has been multiplied in many localities nationwide as an effective way to curb the spreading of avian influenza.

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