Provimi launches one brand strategy

21-04-2010 | |
Provimi launches one brand strategy

After 3 years of internal preparation, Dutch animal nutrition company Provimi launches its one-brand strategy.

At a press conference in the company’s home town of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Ton van der Laan, CEO, Provimi, explained that the company needed this new strategy, called ‘Shaping Tomorrow’s Nutrition’ to better be able to compete on a global market.

In the past, Van der Laan said, Provimi had been ‘a decentralised business’, existing of many brands all over the world, all being strong in their own markets, but being different in all countries. Converging towards a strategy of more internal consolidation he called ‘logical’.

Corporate brand logo

Provimi’s corporate logo has been rebranded and will appear stronger in the company’s marketing efforts. Only a reduced number of international brands will continue to exist, SCA NuTec being one of these.

During a long process of internal reorganisation, the company created 9 regional clusters over the past 3 years, including global sourcing, operations and supply chain management. In addition, ‘species teams’ were introduced for swine, poultry, ruminants and additives. Van der Laan said results for both reorganisations results have been encouraging.

At the presentation, Jolanda van Haarlem, global species group, director ruminants, explained about Precaine, an advanced maize silage analysis service, which resulted from the internal reorganisation and which will continue to be offered in Provimi’s new strategy.

Rescue deck

In addition, Pieter Wolleswinkel, swine group manager, Provimi North West Europe, spoke about ‘the Rescue Deck’, a special pre-weaning section for younger, feeble piglets that would have otherwise perished. He said the company’s new values of performance, evolution and responsibility have come together in the introduction of this approach.

In response to questions, Van der Laan said the global number of research farms has gone down from 11 to 8. The remaining number of farms, having 450 employees, will cooperate more strongly. He also indicated that as to its portfolio strategy, Provimi will continue to be strong on both the compound feed markets and feed additives and ingredients.


Provimi is strong on several markets: premixes, specialities, complete feed and pet food.

The company owns over 80 production locations in more than 30 countries. Provimi’s products are being sold and shipped to more than 100 countries worldwide. Provimi is number 1 in animal nutrition in South America and the US.

Sales in 2009 have been €1.7 bln, of which €1.5 bln in animal nutrition and €230 mln in pet food. In this year, the company produced about 50 mln t (CFE).

The company will publish its annual results 2009 next week.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist