PSA celebrating 100th annual meeting: “Gateway to the future of poultry science”

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PSA celebrating 100th annual meeting: “Gateway to the future of poultry science”

The Poultry Science Association (PSA) in the USA will conduct its 100th annual meeting this month in St. Louis, Missouri. In keeping with the name of the host city’s most famous landmark, the theme of this year’s meeting will be “The gateway to the future of poultry science.” The meeting is scheduled to be held July 16 – 19.

PSA is holding its meeting jointly with the American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).  Combined attendance for all three is expected to be around 10,000. 
“There is a lot of excitement around this year’s annual meeting,” said Dr. Mike Lilburn, PSA’s current president.  “We passed our centennial as an organization in 2008, and this year marks the 100th time we have brought poultry scientists and others working in and around the discipline together.  Given these two landmarks, we felt it was very fitting to hold the meeting in St. Louis, with its historical status as the gateway to new things.  The challenges the industry is facing are rapidly evolving.  As poultry scientists, we remain firmly committed to our efforts to help meet them.” 
The meeting will feature seven symposia examining various scientific and regulatory questions relating to poultry. One joint symposium, A crystal ball Look into the future of…, will focus on poultry production over the next five to ten years. Topics will include genetics, nutrition, hatchery, immune modulation, and coccidiosis.  The session will be capped by this year’s keynote speaker, Dr. William Flynn, senior advisor on science policy, Center for Veterinary Medicine, who will speak on the future of antibiotic use in farm animal agriculture.

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