Qatar chain store selling eggs at ‘subsidised rate’

09-01-2008 | |

To resolve the current shortage in the supply of eggs, Al-Meera, chain of co-operative stores is selling a tray of 30 eggs at QR15.75 (€2.90).

Due to the ban on the import of eggs on account of bird flu, a shortage became apparent. Normally a tray of 30 eggs costs around QR23.75 (€4.43), and are mainly from Jordan and Egypt.

The subsidised rate has become possible, due the decision taken by the Al-Meera board chairman Abdullah al-Qahtani, in agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

Controlled eggs
Arrangements have been made to maintain enough stock on a daily basis in all the 26 outlets of Al-Meera. The sale is also being controlled by ensuring that each family is able to buy one tray. Each egg displays the Al-Meera brand as we as the price in order to prevent re-selling at a higher price.
“It will be of great relief to the public in the current hike in the prices of food products,” said Stefan Lucas, chief executive officer of the Al-Meera stores.

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