Quick phytase test for Adisseo customers

22-12-2011 | |
Quick phytase test for Adisseo customers

Adisseo has developed Quick-Phyt, an easy-to-use tool to check phytase application in complete feed at the feed plant level.

When supplementing animal feeds with enzymes, checking that the right amount has been added is always the critical question.

Incorrect application of phytase can have dramatic consequences on animal performances and thus on economic return. Feed millers have to deal with this risk.

Incorrect dosage of phytase can be due to inaccuracies associated with the equipment in the premix or feed mill or can be due to human error.

Time constraints
Laboratory analysis of phytase in complete feed takes time and the plant manager cannot stop production while checking the phytase level.

To overcome these problems Adisseo developed the Quick-Phyt phytase test kit.

Developed at Adisseo’s Laboratories in France, this test is reliable, simple and quick.

Quick-Phyt is available for Adisseo customers who are using the NSP enzyme/phytase combination product, Rovabio Max (energy increase and release of 1.5g available phosphorus per kg of feed).

A complete kit is provided. It is based on a colorimetric reaction, and a few simple steps: extraction with a buffer solution, phosphate trapping, enzymatic reaction and final colour reading.

The result is given in about 90 minutes. Blue colour means that feed contains phytase at the right inclusion rate (#500FTU/kg).

With this easy-to-use test, feed manufacturers can now do their own check, at the plant level, on the phytase application in their feed when using Rovabio Max.